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What gets done for 90k service??

I'll be taking my 200qw to an independent Audi mechanic for it's 90k service
soon.  I'm wondering what to expect.  The timing belt was done at 60k.
Here's my guess at an (overly ambitious??) service list:

	new spark plugs
	new spark plug wires?
	new distrib cap/rotor?
	new fuel filter
	new air filter
	lube door handles
	lube sunroof rails
	inspect cv boots
	inspect various hoses
	inspect brakes (pads and rotors)
	inspect suspension (control arm bushings, struts, etc)
	inspect belts (alt, ac, cam, ps)
	flush diff fluid?
	flush brake fluid?
	flush PS fluid?
	flush trans fluid?
	new fuel injector seals?
	OX sensor?
	turbo stuff?
Am I missing anything?  

This takes me back to my VW Transport days, but the valves on the Audi
are self adjusting, right?  Any reason to take off the valve cover for
a tuneup?  Replacing the valve cover gasket isn't a regular maintenance
item, is it?


Lynn Smith
'84 4kq
'89 200qw