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Where to mount front license plate

My '91 200q has a License Plate holder mounted directly to the front bumper.
I had always assumed that it was stock, but the car came from Boulder
originally, so I'm not so sure.

There are threaded mounting adaptors in the metal portion of the front
bumper, behind the upper black plastic portion of the bumper.  They are
accessed by 3/4" holes drilled through the black plastic.  The location of
those holes is:

                        1" above the seam between the lower color matched
portion of the bumper and the black plastic portion

                        11" apart, center to center (or one 5 1/2" to the
left                             of dead center, one 5 1/2" right)

The plate holder is formed to the bumper contour, and mounted with long
bolts that go through long bushings and lock washers.  This prevents
collapsing of the black plastic bumper cover when tightening down the bolts.

Now that mine is off, I can't decide if the holes in the bumper look worse
than the front plate.  I'd sell you my plate holder, but of course the
minute I did, North Carolina would pass a law requiring plate holders.

Steve Gronback
TGS Studios
91 Audi 200q
Look KG 96 Team Replica