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Re: oil usage

Grant Lenahan wrote:
> >> I realize some oil is natuarally
> burned off, but my used oil generally fills the (4) 1-quart containers
> back up.<<
> Your car MAY in fact burn very little, but I can't
> seem to make the point that an example as above means very little.

	It does burn very little, but I have a new(within 2 months) leak from
the front bottom area of the engine. It seems to be coming from either
the crankcase seal(?) or the oil temp. sender(is that up front of the
oil pan?), but could be from anywhere as I didn't look too hard. I
changed the oil yesterday and far less used oil drained than normally
drains. So until I repair the leak, for the first time in my ownership
career, I will have to keep an eye on the oil level. 
> It's like a sneaking drinker who adds colored water to the scotch bottle;
> it will still appear full.

	So your a scotch fan, ey?  ;-)
> Amber colored liquid is no proof that scotch has not been consumed.

	Okay, good point. Once again: "Aye knnoo not'ing!" Thank you for
reminding me that my coolant expansion tank is mysteriously misplacing
antifreeze. Actually I think it keeps smuggling it into the crankcase
and disguising it as oil, so that it makes a dirty get-a-way as sludge,
to be forever free of its duties!