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Audi workshop manuals in German

Hi all,

AutoBild magazine of this week, besides some great shots of the new A6
(very bold, very intelligent-looking) features a list of German-language
workshop manuals for several cars, among which Audis. Three publishers are
listed, plus a phone/fax number in Germany where the books can be ordered
or information about newly published books can be obtained.
Unfortunately, the V8 isn't listed, but the 80, 90, Coupe, 100 and 200 are,
as is the A4. These might concern euro-spec cars, but for those of you who
master the German language they can be handy tools.

For more detailed info, e-mail me direct with the model of your car and
I'll look up which manuals are available.



 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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