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cb antennas

Dan writes
>My .02 on CBs...
>I use the Uniden Pro 510xl, avail at Walmart for about $40,
>and add a K40 antenna (about $40 as well).  The K40 is a big
>antenna but gives you great range, and the whip comes off with
>a twist of the wrist for going into parking garages or hanging out
>in trailer parks (about the only place the antenna would get 

I have a similar setup on my Rover, except that I have the 520xl (both are
supposed to be great CBs), and the Wilson antenna. The Wilson is supposed
to perform better than the K40 by a fair bit and is similarly priced. I've
used the K40s for a long time, and appreciated the quick release...the
Wilson screws onto the base, which takes longer, but I'll bet gives a
better connection.

Worth looking at...

On the Audi, I'm using a hideaway unit that has all the controls in the
mike, and the Wilson whip on the trunk. The hideaways don't perform
particularly well, but there's that tradeoff between looks and performance.

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