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Re: Clunks

WARATAP@aol.com wrote:
> Igor,
> It seems both Al Powell and I posted similar problems on the list at the same
> time.  You suggested to Al to check the balljoints as likely contributors, in
> that they probably have excessive play.  BTDT on my old 2002, but didn't even
> think about that for the V8.  Any easy test before removing assembly, since
> V8 parts are so "easy" to come by?

1. Jack up the car and hang out the front tyre. Leave the car on a jack
2. Place the hydrolic jack under the ball joint. Find the way not to
damage it, I usually put a #13 rubber cork under the ball joint's lower
housing. A roll of electrical tape should work also.
3. Jack up the ball joint so that the spring starts to compress, in
order to unload the ball joint. 
4. Stick a BFPB (TM) Big Friggin' Pry Bar in between the floor and the
bottom of the tyre.
5. Press your finger on the ball joint's rubber boot.
6. Ask an assistant to wiggle the wheel up and down with the pry bar.
7. Do you feel the ball slightly moving in it's socket under your
finger? If you do, the ball joint is history.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ