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RE: CQ Foglight prices...

Dorab Wrote:
> Any Coupe Quattro owners know off-hand how
much the foglights are? The other
> half forgot the parking brake, and smash!   ....could
happen to anybody...

from Carlsen:
"Suggested Retail" = $213.30 ea.
q-lister price = $159.98 ea.
whole unit only, no lens avail.

> BTW, the air dam/lower bumper cover combination
seems to be attached to the
> bumper cover in some way internally...has anyone
noticed any specific bolting
> in there? Just below where the bumper starts to
become an extension out from
> the fenders...tough to describe!....

I don't rightly know just now, but I aim to find out.  You
see, I just had some body 
work done which included repairing a cracked air
dam/bumper trim.  Everything 
looked pretty good when I got the car back, but the
guy said he had to add an extra 
support to help hold up the sagging trim.

Changing my oil/filter yesterday I noticed that there is
a new bolt through the back 
edge of the air dam and the front edge of the plastic
cover under the engine.  O.K., 
I figure that the guy just wanted to give the engine
cover a little extra support 
because all it had before were the two screws on the
back edge.  I removed the 
bolt and went about my business.  Moments later I
realized that the crack had 
reappeared and the trim was again sagging!

Looks like these morons are gonna be refunding me
some cash!

Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to look into
replacing the trim/air dam.  Last time 
I checked, Carlsen wanted ~$400, unpainted, and it
had to be shipped from 
Germany.  I checked around to see if a used one
could be had; no luck.  It seems 
that all coupes leave this world head first.  If anyone
out there knows of a '90-'91 
Coupe (preferably red) with a clean front end that is
being parted out, let me know!

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'running-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN