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Re: audi 90 differential oil

On March 2, Jevon wrote

> I wa looking on the Eurocarfinder page and saw that a member that owned a

> 1990 90 had his differential fluid replaced because of a recall. i looked

> in the archives for more info on this, but I did not know exactly what to

> look for. i asked this question because I have an '88 90 that does not 
> want to drive. it was running fine when sudenly it seemed to slip out of 
> gear. I stopped and put it in park and tryed to go again, but it would 
> not move in drive, reverse, or 1 and2. It sat in my garage for a week and

> when i went outto see if it would go  it did, but only halfway around the

> block. I tried to go again and nothing happened. I called the local 
> import service shop, and they said that they had heard about the 
> differential fluid either evaporating or leaking out on the 80/90 series,

> but they didn't say which years. I called the dealer, and they wouldn't 
> tell me anything unless i brought it in. 
> Any help or answers would be greatly appreciated.
> j. dade

It does appear that the '88 was affected also.  It was for the three speed
automatic, which it sounds like you have.

For more information, and for anyone else curious as to whether there are
any recalls for your car, NHTSA has a web site that you can check their
recall database.  The name for the page is www.nhtsa.dot.gov/toc.html.

BTW, I also have an '88 though mine is the 5 speed.  I had already looked
at the recall database, and apparently that auto diff fluid item is the
only recall.  Pretty great cars, huh?