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Re: '91 200q temp/O2 sensor

On Sun, 2 Mar 1997, Steve Gronback wrote:

> Test; My guy, who wishes anonymity, simply put a laser temperature testing
> device on the engine...point and click.  Engine is running 20 to 40 degrees
> F. cold.  Seems to cycle the fan at the right temp, but thermostat is not

Don't forget that the lazer temp sensor will measure the temperature of 
the outside of the block or head (depending on where you point it) which 
will be a fair bit cooler than the actual running temperature of the oil 
or water.    To get a better idea of the running temperature, you should 
place a thermocouple in the radiator hose coming from the engine, and 
measure that temp.   That should be about 190 - 215 degrees.

> Test; Went right for the O2 sensor with one of those Fluke meters you guys
> talk about.  The meter has a guage that gave a readout on a bar graph that
> showed the O2 cycling voltage up and down.  Conclusion...slow O2 sensor is
> causing computer to mismanage the system.  Instead of quickly cycling in a
> medium range of possible voltages, this one slowly seemed to oscillate from
> one extreme to the other.

How fast?   one or two cycles per second is about right on most cars.  
Faster is even better assurance that it is OK.

> could.  The suggestion was to replace the O2 with a generic Bosch 3 wire O2.
> The wires will have to be spliced, but apparently the one he uses for
> certain Volvos is the same except for the connectors.

Yes, they are all pretty generic except for connectors which can be spliced.

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