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Re: Cars You Must Drive Before You Die

..>In message <970228235819_139598837@emout05.mail.aol.com> WARATAP@aol.com writes:
..>> That's the car they were talking about.  Never made it to the U.S. in that
..>> configuration, though.  I believe body style was essentially same from
..>>  82-89.  BTW, they printed photo with reflection in March issue in "arrest me
..>> red" (tornado red) with BBS wheels upside down!
..>1980-1991.  I don't know where "1989" comes from - that was the first year of 
..>20V production, not the last.
..>Most of the 20Vs I've seen have been dark.  I know the drivers of around 15 of 
..>these cars, and only a couple are red.  I believe, for the exceedingly wealthy 
..>among us, that there is still one example unsold.  Asking GBP40,000 - $64,000.

thanks for the tip about the march 'car' article on the 20v quattro.  i'll add it to my list of audi road test write-ups.

agree with their comments about the car.  i recently had opportunity to drive an old '86 quattro recently and it is a very different car to my 20v.  i don't miss the laggy turbo of the funny gear ratios or the greater tendancy to understeer.  however i remember the brakes of my old 85 ur-q as weaker than this car however.

i'd have to agree with the tenor of the 'car' article though.  having just spent a week on holiday, i drove the s2 to auckland and had it alongside my 20v ur-q for the first time.  they are such radically different cars on the surface, and yet so similar underneath.  the asthetics of the s2 are (increasingly) more pleasing than the 20v ur-q, but the dynamics on a drivers road are simply not up to the mark of the ur-q.

btw i've always rated the pugeot gti's (309 especially) as an absoutely fantastic handling car (i used to own one), and pretty much the ultimate point to point car on twisty roads, and i understand that the new 306 gti has even improved on this, but i completely smoked one on a twisty road in the 20v the other day...

'93 s2
'90 ur-q