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Synthetics revisited

Seems to me the one thing that was missing in all the discussions was
subjective views. I visited Amsoil's web site and saw pretty much the
same info that was being thrown back and forth on the list, right down
to the C.U. debate. I just changed my oil, after having SUFFERED through
over 7K(!) miles with "dino" oil, to Mobile 1 10W-30 and what a
difference! I forget how good it can be EVERY time. It appears to me
that syns make all the difference in the world with regards to
performance, and that's what matters most to us, no!? All I know is my
CGT gets up to its version of warp speed so much quicker now. The engine
spins happily, the note is all that much more pleasant to the ear, and
the gas mileage is down - due to a heavier foot(see first two items).
Now I know that due to the dino oil being in my engine for an extended
period, the feel of the engine was at one of its worst points, but the
difference is still there after taking that into account. It is by far a
different engine when lubricated by synthetic oil. But that is just MHO.

p.s. Those bank robbers should have been driving an armored S8 quattro.