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Subject: Re: Nitto Tires/ Discount Tire Direct

>From: Ramana Lagemann <elmool@tiac.net>
>Date: Sat, 01 Mar 1997 19:47:06 -0500
>Subject: Re: Nitto Tires/ Discount Tire Direct
>Hello audiohiles-
>	I have subscribed to the list from time to time in the past, and have
>subscribed once again since buying a Red 1990 Coupe Q 20V three months
>	Anyway... I have just purchased and mounted a set of TSW Hockenhiem R's
>with Nitto NT-501 "Exit GT" tires, sized 235/40 ZR-17. 
>After driving on the new setup for several hours, I am completely
>satisfied with the combo. The tires have done so much to improve
>cornering and braking, and at their price, (about US$160/ea. for the
>size above) they cannot, in my mind, be beat. I hear that Nitto has been
>in the tire market since the mid sixties, and the 501's can attest to
>their experience. Ride quality has barely suffered at all, except now I
>can feel any and all deformations in the road through the steering
>	I bought the package through Discount Tire Direct, and they were very
>helpful and professional, infact, at my request they had some chains
>pulled at TSW to have my wheels powdercoated a beautiful flat black.
>Their prices are very good, infact many tire prices are lower than those
>of their main competition, The Tire Rack.
>	In all, I am completely satisfied with everything about my new wheels
>and tires, from the ordering experience, to the prices, to the local


Thanks for sharing the information about your expereince with DTD, I have
some additional questions:

1) What did Discount Tire Direct charge for the additional powdercoating of
your wheels
1) How long did they take to deliver them 
3) What type of color choices did you have? 

any additional information would be appreciated!


Mark Meyer