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CB details (long)

At 08:51 AM 02/28/97 -0500, you wrote:

>OK, Jim, so where do you have the CB?  What kind of antenna?  Where?  Cable
>I had CBs for years but haven't found a suitable mounting location (other
>than the parcel shelf below the steering wheel which is otherwise occupied).
>Details, details, details, please.
>   Bob
>*  Robert L. Myers    rmyers@inetone.net      Home 304-574-2372 *

Okay, here are the details. I've posted a few other posts, so I will leave
out any duplicate info in this (to save BW).

I have my Radio Shack TRC-484 (not a bad radio BTW) mounted to the center
console, near the front seat, right under my right leg. It does not
interfere with my driving... it is slim enough to fit just fine in that
spot. I can move the seat back and forth, but those who are vertically
challenged (i.e. really short drivers) may have a problem with forward seat
travel in my car. It did not matter to me, since I am 6'2", and no one else
(shorter than me) drives my car. Regardless, anyone (of any height) could
fit it in this position... with no problems, just test fit it before
drilling holes. There are also a lot of radios to choose from nowadays, so
size/placement can be easily accommodated.

If you look at the pictures of my car on my web-page (link over to the page
for pix of my car), you'll see an interior shot. Look closely near the
driver's seat, near the console, and you'll see the radio. You can also see
that I have the microphone snaked over to where the parking brake lever is.
I drilled two small holes there to mount the bracket to hang the mic...
right near the place where the pocket change/toll money is...

The mic is very handy here, and does not get in the way of anything. Also,
this radio has it's speaker on the bottom of the radio, so I mounted it such
that the audio fires out below my leg. Not a problem hearing it from here...
except when I have the sunroof wide open... in which case I just crank the
volume. I may try mounting an external speaker somewhere before
spring/summer arrives. This radio has an output jack for such an accessory.

I ran the coax cable down under the front driver's seat, along the door jamb
(under the plastic doorsill stuff), and under/behind the back seat, through
the ski sack/pass through to the trunk. The antenna is mounted in the center
of the inside trunk edge (i.e near the back window). It attaches very easily
with two set screws. I had to scrape away a bit of the inside paint
(microscopic amount) of the trunk lip, where the set screws fastened, in
order to get a good ground. I can easily open and close my trunk, with no
damage to the glass or roof (i.e. the antenna is fairly flexible).

As far as the antenna, please see one of my other posts. In short, I had
(and still have) a four foot K40, but switched over to a three foot cellular
look alike from Antenna World (for about $30.00 with S&H). I have a link to
their site off my web page.

The CB is hooked up directly to a switched power source off the fuse panel.
I just bought one of those fuse adapter clips (I know, Igor, you don't
recommend them, but for us non-EE types, it works okay...), and wired in the
power lead. The black lead obviously went to a good ground (again, to the
fuse panel, one of the screws there...).

My CB goes on and off with the ignition key. I just leave it on all the time
(unless of course, there is mixed company in the car... you know, those
truckers can get a bit rough with the language!!). No problem forgetting to
shut it off (i.e. no dead battery!!).

All in all, it looks and works wonderfully. Best $100 or so I've spent on my
car so far!! I highly recommend it, especially for those going out to Pike's
Peak!! Just think, we can all chat on a designated "Q" channel!!

P.S. I also have several links to CB radio sites on my web-page. A good
starting place to get some info and/or a catalog. Usual disclaimers...

Any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S