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Re: 1986 4000cs quattro

>Hi, how do I remove the front and rear speakers in my 1986 4000cs
>quattro?  Same question for the radio.

Ahhh, my forte.  We will start with the rear speakers.  Remove the grills
and unscrew the speakers.  you can probably unplug the two connectors after
unscrewing the speaker and lifting it up.  If not, you can reach through
the two holes in the trunk that are right under each speaker and unplug
them.  Now, the front speakers.  These are a little tricky.  If you go to
electronics stores or stereo shops, it will say something like "Special
Application".  This is because the screens in your dash do not really come
off, they must be pried off very carefully.  Once you have those off, you
must unscrew the speakers and toss out the little adapter connected to the
speaker if you are putting aftermarket speakers in.  The speaker size that
fits perfectly and is easiest to find is 3 1/2".  For the rear deck, the
stock speakers are 4".  Your choices here are 4", possibly 5 1/2" (but I
don't think so).  Or, you can choose to cut, or make a new rear deck.  I
chose to cut and put a 4X10 in there.  This is kind of an odd size, but,
many manufacturers make them.  You can't get anything else over possibly 5
inches back there because of the two-faced deck back there (I'm sure you
have noticed).

The stock radio.  That is a good question, I can't remember!  I believe
that there is a hole on the front somewhere where you stick something in to
release it.  I honestly don't remember after having three different head
units in there how I got the stock out.  I am sure someone else on the list
will remember.

Let me know if you have any other questions about speakers or amps (wiring,
brands, etc...).