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Re: I'm going to Skip Barber for FREE!

>This is Cool:
>I got a letter from Car & Driver last week inviting me to attend a Skip
>Barber Driving School that will be here in Orlando on March 8 for free.  I
>guess I deserve it since i've been subscribing the mag for 9 years now!  bad
>news is that we will be driving Nassin 200SXs BORING.....I guess they won't
>let free loaders drive the M3s.  I have never had any formal driving
>in regards to performance driving, so I'll let you know if I learned

What your going to experience is know as a Ride and Drive....  You will 
learn little to nothing about driving BUT you will learn just how "Great" 
the Nissan 200SX is....

I've Taught/Run too many of those events to remember.  The best part of 
it though is when the Skippy Barbarians take YOU Out for a ride......


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO