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Re: T.A.P.'s a pleasure to deal with

> PAT MARTIN wrote:
> > 
> > CAM CAM CAM CAM.  Save the $200 for a performance cam.  You will get 10-20 hp
> > depending on cam and it will be much more noticeable than a phantom chip that
> > may or may not give you 5-10 hp.  3 options for cams.  I discussed this at
> > length with Ned Ritchie and his favorite is the Schrick 276.  He says that is
> > the best cam for our motors.  The next best is the 272 but for the same price
> > as the 276 he sees no reason to go to that.  The 3rd option and the most
> > affordable is to use a I-5 turbo cam for ~15hp.  This is what I am going to
> > try 1st since it will probably only cost me 50-60 bucks for a used cam.

Can't say anything about the Schrick, but if my Bentley is correct,
the turbo MC engine may have the same cam as the 130hp NF (within 0.1 degree
that is).

Anyone care to check part numbers?