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Re: drilling holes in airbox

> I was wondering what is the proper way to drill holes in the airbox. I
> have a 4-cyl. '88 90, and I am looking for any way to make it faster.
> Will drilling the airbox make any difference? Does anyone know of any
> performance upgrades for my car?

	Doing the same modification right now is a friend who just recently
bought the same Audi as I own and drive daily - an '86 Coupe GT. It is a
car that although underpowered, can be EXTREMELY FUN to drive! I too am
constantly in search of more power. One of the first mods I did was to
buy a K&N and "swiss-cheese" the air box. Yes, it does help engine
performance, but not much. Drilling the holes had a really cool
side-effect on my engine - it made a great sound as air rushed into the
box. I don't think there are that many holes in mine, as the removal of
the duct-work and the pre-heat/thermstat plate contraption made several
holes anyway. The results of that mod is in my mind the cheapest thing
you can do for a great improvement in the sound of the I-5 and a
noticeable increase in hp. The resulting sound of my drilled air box is
a deep air induction rumbling whoosh and it sounds AWESOME(to me)! I did
not do it myself and do not know if your box is the same as mine, so I
cannot help you with instructions. As for upgrades, I cannot help you
there either. Sorry.