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30v heads / hp from chip on NA

	Someone asked whether the 30v head will be a bolt to the old 
style motor--answer, I don't know.  But, I think the price from Audi will 
make the question have an "I don't care" answer.  $$$$'s

	On the TAp chip mod for the NA motor?  I flat do not believe the 
estimate of ~15 hp gain on that motor.  If it is true, I would like to 
know where the hp gain is.  Remember, people talk hp but buy torque.  If 
the hp gain comes in at 5,500 rpm, who cares?  IMHO, a cam will do more 
for you than a chip on a NA---but you never get a large hp gain for 2 
bills, at least not on an Audi.  Frankly, on that motor [I have 2] I 
think you either have to be happy with what you have, or else really 
rebuild the motor:  Bore, stroke, cam, head, etc.  If you do all of this, 
you will find that you could swap a turbo motor in and get more for less, 
assuming you buy used.