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Re: spring is here

From: Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net>

>and my mechanic noticed
>today that the vacuum advance on my dist was not working.

I had that on my parent's Passat (Dasher to you) a couple of years ago.  I 
dismantled the carb half a dozen times trying to fix it.  Eventually I 
swapped distributors between their Passat and my wifes and it cured the 
fault.  Turned out that the membrane had a small hole - caused all kinds of 

>He also discovered that the clunk in my steering was not
>sloppy work on his part, but on  mine - I failed to fully tighten
>the front control arms when I did them a few weeks ago :)

I did that on my 80q last year.  The manual says to tighten them with the 
car's weight on the wheels.  As there was not much ground clearance, I 
tightened them with a 12" ratchet.  I got all kinds of clunks.  So I put the 
car up on ramps, tightened the wishbones with a Torque Wrench  (I did NOT 
use tool 2079 and performed NO calculations on torque multiplying effects) 
and the clunks went away!

Easily done.

>Pointers to a good pad (Pagid?)

I've been using Pagids for some time now.  They seem fine.  However, I don't 
race the car, so I am not stressing them very much.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant