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Re: 4kcsq clutch acting up

Tony Lum wrote:
> Just got the quattro back from the mechanic on Friday evening.  Went for
> a nice drive today, and when I get back the clutch starts acting weird.
> It acts like its pinned to the floor!  I can lift it up with my toe and
> get a couple shifts out of it, then it sticks again.

The clutch MC. I've rebuilt it on 2 Audis (15 bux for the OEM rebuild

Once you are at it, I strongly suggest replacing the Slave Cyl (not
rebuildable) coz it probably has accumulated tons of hydro/rubber/gummy
doodoo. Aaah, and the pressure hose too.

In order to bleed the clutch completely you need a pressure bleeder.
Bentley also confirms it.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ