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Driving Schools?

Driving Schools?

My lovely, most understanding wife and several friends have decided that I
need to go to "race school" as a 30th birthday present. I've about reached
the limit of what I think is sane/reasonable to do on public roads (even
low-traffic ones), and I've always wanted to go someplace where I could
really push my driving without endangering either other drivers or my
Audi's aging bodywork too much. I'm also interested in racing; I do a
several other risk sports competitively (paragliding, climbing), and I
think auto racing looks extremely attractive. I've read some books etc, but
I'd like to know if anyone on this list has opinions about where to get
some good training, preferrably in Colorado but anywhere in the US is OK.
I've heard of programs where you finish with some sort of basic license,
that sounds interesting. As I know a bit of theory already, I'd be most
interested in schools that focused on lots of performance driving instead
of "Look over your shoulder before pulling out."

Thanks for your input!

-Will Gadd

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