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RE: S4 turbo pressure measurement

At max boost, I believe you should see about 2.1 bar. ( assuming the gauge 
will display overboost readings.)The S4 allows .315 bar overboost for up to 15 
seconds above the 1.8 bar the 3B engine puts out. Idle on my 91 200q is around 
.5 (vacuum condition), foot off throttle around .3, cruising on flat ground at 
70 - around .7. At 1.0 on the gauge, you are using turbo boost. At .9, you are 
not using boost. Key on, engine off should read 1.0 at sea level. 

mike miller
91 200q

>Hi friends,

>I'm starting to get used to my new jewel, the '94 S4 aquired not long
>ago. Some details bother me though, the only thing I'll bother you all
>with today is this:

>My digital turbopressure gauge shows 0.5 at idle. approx. 0.9-1.2 at
>normal driving and when really hitting it I've seen 1.7 and I think 1.8
>once or twice. Is this correct?