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Re: 2 Qu's(Fuel inj & Exhaust)

Raj AUDIocee writes:
> 1) Working with the fuel injection sys., how is the mass air flow sensor
> plate supposed to be adjusted?  According to my manual, it should be
> flush with the bottom of the cone, but the cone isn't a perfect cone.
> Where the MAF plate sits, the edges of the cone do not converge, but are
> vertical for about 2-3mm. I was wondering if I am supposed  to set the
> plate at the top if this 3mm or the bottom of the 3mm.  

You say you have a 5-cylinder Audi 4000, but you didn't say what
year or whether you have a K-Jetronic or KE-Jetronic FI system.
The sensor plate adjustment procedure is different for the two
systems.  To identify whether you have K or KE, look at your
fuel distributor, KE systems should have a differential pressure
regulator attached to the side of it (usually a grey or black plastic
electronic gizmo that says "Bosch" on it with an electrical connection).
Also, KE fuel distributors usually have silver colored bodies
rather than black,

It sounds like you have a KE system by the description of your air
funnel cone.  KE systems have two sensor plate adjustment reference
points, the zero position and the basic position.  It's a little
complex to describe here, but you should really have a copy of the
Bentley manual for your car to be tweaking around the fuel injection.
Also useful is the Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management book by
Charles Probst (also published by Bentley).

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