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Re: Need Advice on Older Quattro

Darrin wrote:
> I am looking for an older Audi Quattro (4000 or 5000).  I am looking to
> spend less than $6500.  ANy advice????

I am sure I will gets lots of argument from this advice, but I would
recommend that you go for a car that is a '88 or newer if you are in the
market for the 5000 model (in '88 the 5000 became a 100 or 200 - the 200
being all Turbo models, larger brakes, stiffer supen. etc.).
While I loved my 5000 Turbo quattro, the climate contol and front wheel
bearings were a total pain in the butt... In '88 with the introduction
of the 100/200 series, the car was tighter and the climate control was
improved (but not perfected until '92) and the wheel bearing problem
seemed to be solved.  When I traded my '86 for the '89 200, I felt that
the car was indescribably refined....again the refinement really jumped
again in '92.
NOW HAVING SAID ALL OF THAT:  Of all of my Quattros I liked the
differential locks on the '86 best of all. I live  in Michigan and
particpate in a winter equestrian sport (fox hunting) I pulled my horse
trailor in deep snow with that '86 and the '89. The auto differntial is
better than a BMW, but the manual control on the '86 was terrific!!!
BTW: That horse trailor is a German model and designed to be pulled by a
car...It will carry two hugh field hunters and still only has a tounge
weight of 175 lbs. I also think that the interior on the 5000CS Quattro
of '86 has not yet been matched.....It was two colors of grey, and had
sport seats that would keep Hillery Cinton in place!
My S-6 is nice, but I wish it had the interior of the '86 and that
switch on the dash with the quattro lay out. With the '86 you would lock
a differential and a light would come on to show which one, etc..
That was KEWL!... This S-6 seems to want to keep Quattro a secret, no
badges, no switches, no nothing, except TRUE Quattro railroad track
Best REgards,
John Coffey
'86 5000 CS Turbo Quattro
'89 200 Turbo Quattro
'91 200 Quad Turbo Quattro
'95 S-6 Turbo Quattro
My favorite remains the '86...even with the '95, S-6 being lots faster
and the '86 having all those wheel bearing and a/c problems. At speed
over 100 MPH, the firm steering in all of them was better than the S-6.
But at low speed the steering was very heavy in the older models....,
but I would take it back.