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RE: Increasing engine performance

From: 	Dupree, Robert A.
Sent: 	Monday, February 17, 1997 12:53 AM
To: 	Stefan Bendevis
Subject: 	Increasing engine performance

Well it just so happens that I just got done with the first upgrade.   
 WOW!!!!!  What a difference.  What I ended up installing was a custom   
chip with code developed by List members who are part of the QLCC   
(Quattro List Chip Club).  The code changes the engine controls to allow   
1.95bar boost.  With this chip and the addition of a WasteGate spring I   
now have essentially the Intended Acceleration Stage 1 kit.  Total cost:   
about $100.00!  I had a great deal of help from Graydon Stuckey, Scott   
Justason, Paul Semerad, and Dave Lawson.  The total cost included a new   
Intercooler host from Graydon which was about half the total cost.  I   
helped him with his EPROM burner, and burning the code that Dave Lawson   
provided.  Graydon using Paul's shop was able to delder my ECU removing   
the stock chip and adding a socket for easier future upgrades.  Scott   
provided the pre-upgrade inspection for the cost of an evenings   
meal/drinks.  So perhaps with incidental costs the upgrade was slightly   
mode costly than a $100 but not much at all.  It is definitly the best   
first improvement using the Bang for Buck theory.  Feel free to call me   
if you have any specific questions.  If you are intersted in the ECU   
upgrade please be aware: there is no warranty/guarantee with the code or   
the chip or any part of it.  It worked great for me and other people, but   
if your engine blows up, you are on your own.  Just make sure that is out   
in the open.

Bob Dupree
87 5000CS Quattro  1.95bar  (thinking about code v1.5 with ignition   

Fellow Audi fanatic,
	I am very interested in this ECU upgrade, could you tell me how much I could 
get this upgrade for and everything that I would need to do it.

Audi fanatic, Audiman1@msn.com, Stefan Bendevis