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talking to the man

I've always treated law enforcement officers nicely, even one that was totally klewless about rear fogs...

Yes officer, you see it says in the owners manual to turn these on in bad weather.

Oh no officer, I'm sure that they're illegal in your town. I'll turn them right off.


bye officer



With others, I always make sure my wallet is in my hands before he gets to the car, and I make *no* sudden moves. But officer, gasp, I was just reaching for my sunglass case...bleed bleed bleed...

I was once stopped by a NH statie who was *bullshit* that I had brought it down some. I was doing 85 or so when the RD went off...I must have listed *slightly* at 70, which is where he locked on...

His first question:

How fast were you going before you made that mad attempt to slow down?

He looked all around the front of the car and finally saw my RD tucked above my rear view mirror...figured out what almost *completely* beat him...he wrote me up for 71, and I wasn't unhappy about that <g>

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