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RE: 225/50/16 tires on A4?

To answer your question, yes, they will fit...I have them dunlop d40m2...took delivery of my A4q from the dealer and drove up the street a couple of miles to discount tire where I traded in the goodyears that came on my A4...grip you say?   I love it!!!
96 A4q

From:  R. Lance Dillon[SMTP:rldillon@mem.po.com]
Sent:  Monday, March 03, 1997 7:00 PM
To:  quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject:  225/50/16 tires on A4?

I have yet to get a definitive answer on this question.
The people at NTW say they won't fit. Discount Tire
Direct says some fender rolling might be needed at the
rear. Tire Rack says they should fit no problem. If
you look at the actual tire dimensions, the diameter
is the same as the original tires. The tread width is
wider but still less than the Plus 1 245/40/17
configuration which seems to fit fine even on cars
with lowered suspensions like the abt and MTM cars.
What's the story??? The 225/50/16 Pirelli P7000
Supersport is only $1 more per tire than the 205/55/16
but offers alot more grip so it would be great if it fit.