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Watts this 2?

>> 85 4ksq (with 360 total watts of headlights (on highs)!!!)
>ur-quattro with 540 total watts of light (on highs).  Fogs extra, but who 

I've found a source and Now I'm running 600 watts on highs, 270 on low 
and 870 (64 amps) flash to pass.... Can you say get outta my way?

Precluded by this a couple weeks ago:
<< >     Eric, your beast is an 87 5000CS Turbo (200 to Europeans) Quattro
 >     an Intended Accelerataion Stage 2 chip and uh...  what does the rest 
 >     of it mean?  (You answered "to be" rather than "not to be" to the 
 >     famous question?)
 STEADIRIC writes:
 You've got the first part and actually it's the IA 2.0Bar box RSR Turbo 
 (A Ned Ritchie Turbo... Blows the RS2 into the Weeds!) 2B is the 2'nd 
 iteration of brake mods.
Aha!  Now I gots it.....
Now I understand how one Blows the RS2 into the Weeds.....  870 Amps of
Parabolic refracted euro light...  I was thinking that the RSR might not give
the total picture....  I think Phil has some of those big wattage bulbs for
sale about now...  Still looking for a turbo explanation of the

Scott Justusson, S.O.B.
'87 5ktqRS2ITW2B
'84 UrqITW2B2RS2