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Re: If you only buy one Audi video

You wrote,

>         These guys got swamped for this video, hooray for quattro!  I
> just ordered it and I have to wait until they get more from wherever
> they get it from.  I was talking to the guy there and he told me about
> several other Audi quattro videos that they have, one that caught my
> attention in particular was called "Rally Supercars."   It has one
> volume on q's and get this- hosted by none other than the great Rohl
> himself.  I ordered one, it's like 29.95 or something.  Has anyone heard
> of this video before?  Seen it?  Oh, well.
Hmmm... swamped by orders for an Audi video? Is this list _that_ active, or
is Audi just enjoying an upsurge in interest in the US?

I've got a video called 'quattro-Die neue Dimension', also an Audi AG
production, in which Walter Roehrl is interviewed inbetween footage of the
'84 and '85 rallye seasons. It's only 24 minutes long, but entertaining, if
not as entertaining as 'Triumph of an idea'. (The problem for me being that
it's in German, and Walter Roehrl's accent is slightly hard to follow for
someone not used to it.) Dunno if there's an English or subtitled version
Another nice video is 'The greatest years of rallying-the 80's' by BHP from
the UK (1990). A 90-min unbiased, enthusiastic overview of what, in my
view, is the best period in rallying ever. Nice footage, good commentary,
conveys the atmosphere very well indeed. Recommended.



PS Just read somewhere that the Audi A4 comfortably outsells the BMW
3-series and Mercedes C-class _combined_ here in Holland. Wow!

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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