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Re: short gearing

> Short Gearning is the same as "close ratio" (usually).
> It means that all the gears are on the low side of their range,
> and generally spaced clos together, so that you can keep the
> revs up and get better acceleration (along with higher noise and
> poorer fuel economy).  A good example is the standard audi
> box vs the short-ration gearbox in the 4000Q or Coupe GT.  In an
> 82 Coupe, 3000 rpm in 5th gear produced about 78 mph.  In an 83+
> Coupe GT, the same 3000 rpm in 5th produced about 65 mph.

	I'm confused as to why the '82 wouldn't have a greater top speed then.
If both engines have the same redline...I know the '82 Coupes didn't put
out as much power, but I am not so sure it was that big of a difference,
was it? Just slightly confused.