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Re: Another CB Victory..NOT!!!Long..YES!!

> > Is there a reason other than aesthetics for "stealthing" a CB in the USA?
>         Well, I thought they were extremely out-of-style, out of date, useless,
> and used only by fat and drunk backwoods hill-billys, truckers, gun
> owners, backward ass losers, and people who couldn't afford cell phones.
> Therefore the "stealthing,"..a means of not associating oneself with a
> certain crowd. Guess I was wrong, AGAIN! At least about the typical
> user...I could very well be right however about the reason behind
> stealthing, since a lot of people I know wouldn't be caught dead with
> one mounted in their precious car. I had no idea normal
> car-driving(especially AUDI owners) people were still using CBs.
> Allan -
> Yew gonna die, boy! ;-)

        Ah yes, I knew that post wouldn't go untouched. I assume you
know it was in jest, and although there is a tinge of my opinion of the
CB in the opening sentence, the absolute_truth(and this is NOT an
escape) is I_really_didn't_think they were used by regular, average,
every-day people any longer. I assumed(like I stated earlier) they were
still in use by persons, corporations, associations, public services and
any and all others that deemed it neccessary for their business or
service to function, but that was about it. And if you take my belief
one stepfurther, you would see why I think, or more correctly thought,
the CB would not serve a typical individual like myself any purpose
what-so-ever. If I was assuming only those individuals or groups that
needed CBs for their business or service were using them, they were not
using them to communicate w/ and/or warn the public/people like myself.
Is that logical? 

> I had no idea that buying an innocuous electronic device for $39.95 at my
> local Radio Shlock would allow me to join such an august, distinguished company!

        Can I join!?!
> There are several reasons to "stealth" a CB here in the US of A.
> 1. If no one knows it's there, they won't break into your car (doing $$$$$
> damage) to steal it (worth $40).

        Now I have to say that I find it hard to believe people break
into cars for a CB! Com' on. Maybe I live in too nice of a suburb
outside of too nice a city(Boston), but the cars that are broken into in
the parking lot of my home-town mall(albeit it's very popular, central
to major highways, and too upscale for me and most others that share the
same zip with it...thus Lexi, STSs, Bimmer's, but surprisingly few Audis
considering current popularity and there's a dealer a mile away) are
never picked on for their CBs. But then again I don't even think CBs
enter the town, never mind said mall lot, so maybe it's a bad example.
It must be a location/geography thing. Maybe "rural" people *would*
break into a car for a CB. But here in suburbia I don't even think you'd
get a single, never mind second, look trying to sell a "hot" CB.

> 2. Police sometimes get an attitude - "Aha, a cheater, trying to get away
> with something!" and makes SURE you get a ticket.

        Always get that attitude anyway...think it has to do with me
"trying to
get away." Period..for some reason they don't think playing "catch" is
fun anymore...I dunno..they must be getting old,..but they always win?

> 3. Not anxious to have the dashboard cluttered up with electronic junk - and
> I'll tell you how bad it can get - I have a Sanyo CD-Player that
> honest-to-the-Audi-gods has more controls on it than the panel of my Cessna!

        Oh no! A licensed plane-owner with a GUN! aahhhh..look out
b'looooow....  ;)
> 4. There are more than a few rural areas in the US that don't have cell
> service, although that is improving greatly.

        Myself, I'd have to take a day trip to even come close to
getting static(slight exaggeration, although OTOH it quite possibly
could be an understatement now since new cell towers are sprouting up
> (And incidentally, the goddam cell phone costs money even if you don't say
> word number one.)

        I got 'em(those expensive minute charges) beat. I signed up with
Cellular One 8(eight!) years ago and in one of my, ...no, wait. .scratch
that. .in my ONLY great discerning choice..eh, scratch that too..I've
owned only two cars, both Audis and both excellent decisions made with
tremendous vision...uh, where was I, I, oh yeah so I chose the "Leisure
Plan" way back when, and since then the bean counters at Cell One have
figured out that it's too good of a deal and twice changed it. In fact,
I *think* they did away with it completely and now offer "Emergency
Plans" instead. I have remained locked in on that plan(50 cents(not bad
at all) 7am-7pm but FREE after 7pm! and all weekend! for ONLY $35) due
to the grandfather-clause. It turns out, based upon my usage, I can not
lower my bill by switching to any other plan, and in fact I am saving an
average of $60 per month over the closest alternate plan.  :)
> Oh, yeah, when the contract on my Motorola cell phone expires, I'm going to
> put it in my Audi, carefully place my politically incorrect third-world
> manufactured assault rifle in the trunk of the same Audi, drive out to the
> local rifle range, and blast that cell phone to utter oblivion - enjoying
> every shot! Boom! Boom! (If you gather that I despise Bell-South Mobility,
> well that's like saying the sun is rather large and quite warm.)

        (Sigh), I hate to tell you this, but the Motorola won't be
blasted to utter anythin'. Have you ever seen the Master Lock
commercials where the lock is not defeated by a bullet from a rifle,
well....have fun.  ;) I'm obviously exaggerating the durability of the
Motorola phones, but they are tough and, as a result, IMHO of course,
UGGGLLI! Check out my phone, the Nokia 232 with a white face plate to
match my Alpine White CGT! at
http://www.nokia-americas.com/232colorsframe.htm  I couldn't live
without it and Cell One is very nice to me. They always let me slide if
I ask, and they will wave any charges that occur as a result of *my*
tardiness, as they should for a customer of 8 years!

> Otherwise sane and reasonably normal Audi owner,

        Hhmmmmmm, now let's see, you shop at Radio Shack, you think
someone is going to steal your CB(!?snicker!?!), your afraid of what the
police think of you while doing abolutely nothing illegal and probably
conform to imaginary rules, you're into electric junk, you're a pilot,
you live in a rural area probably to escape taxes, you hate cell phones
and, le' me guess, Home Theater, and to top it off you get excessively
macho and talk about doing things "tough guys" do even though you're
probably a scrawny old man. Uhh, I don't know about reasonably
normal....but...wait a minute!...DAD!!?!?..Is that you!??!  

				;)  Allan  ;)

p.s. All(at least most) of the above was a joke! Please take it as such.
And YET ONCE..err.. TWICE AGAIN, sorry for the excessive BW..I get
carried away, I know! My favorite song is...you guessed it.."Ramble