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Re : oil temp gauge accuracy

I own 87 4q w/115k
Problem is this, the volt/oiltemp bar lights by the diff selector
switch work fine when there are no lights on. As soon as I turn
on the head light switch either to the first or second position,
the oil temp light goes balastic..Sometimes even reading off the
scale...Anybody got a clue before I start replacing or forgetting about
Some of these panels are sensitive to input voltage. I have a few of 
these diff lock panels and on one there is a noticable jump in
oil temp when the lights are turned on. I have replaced it with 
another panel and this one doesn't have the problem. One time
with a conversation with Ned Ritchey, he said that the oil temp
display likes an input voltage of 10.5 volts. But you need to make
sure that you only regulate the voltage to the oil temp LED and 
not the voltage LED.