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Re: Past & Present Blue Book Values

     >>Does anyone have the bluebook for the midwest (Michigan) from 1996?  
     >>I need to get the values listed for my car for a transaction.  I'm 
     >>looking for all noted values.  Car: 1987 Audi 5000CS Quattro with 
     >>125,000 miles.
     >I wasn't aware that the books differed by location!
     NADA has an edition for each of nine regions in the USA.  I'm not sure 
     about the logic behind some of the regions though.  Here in New 
     Mexico, we are covered in the Mountain States Edition (with Colorado, 
     Montana and Wyoming). When I lived in Utah, we were in the Pacific 
     Northwest Region (Washington, Oregon, etc.)  Also, the normal used car 
     guide only goes back seven years, but the Older Used Car Guide goes 
     back another ten years.  I like the resources on the web like 
     www.kbb.com and Edmunds, but some of the values seem pretty 
     Albuquerque, NM, USA
     92 100 CSQW
     92 100 S