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Re: Audi Models (Coupe & 4Kq)

In a note dated 3/3/97 Eric writes:

<<1) 2.2L 110hp version, and 2) 2.3L 130hp version.>>

Minor correction: 1.5) 2.2L 115hp version in 4kq due to better exhaust
manifold design-also less prone to warpage and asscociated head stud pulling.

<<They are really very similar cars, so a lot depends on whether or not you
want quattro AWD in a sedan body style or a faster FWD car in a coupe body
style.  I own an '85 Coupe GT with the 2.2L 110hp engine, and love it.  It is
an uncommon car with a lot of character. At the same time, I am looking for a
4Kq to use as a second car because it is more practical for passengers.  I
would not trade my Coupe GT in
for a 4Kq, though.>>

Hmm...have you lived with both at the same time yet Eric? I know you love the
Coupe GT (as you should-they are GREAT cars)...but as someone who has owned
both at the same time (admittedly I am very quattro awd biased) I can say
from personal experience that there is no perceptable difference in
acceleration and the handling is not even comparable...quattro awd is that
good (he said fearing the whole "2wd vs. awd handling in the dry" thread once
again...). Also, it is nice to be able to open your sunroof by pressing a
button (at least when properly lubed ;-)  ). As a general rule, I despise fwd
"sports cars" and the Coupe GT is about the only car I have driven (and the
only fwd car I have ever owned BTW) that somewhat defies this rule (of mine).

Both the 4ksq and the Coupe GT are "uncommon car(s) with a lot(s) of
character" but around here (Bay Area, CA) the Coupe GT's (typicaly) are far
less in price and are very common on the road (I see '86ish Coupe GT's all
the time for <2k$ around here). You can keep the digital dash...don't care
for it at all. I will agree though that the looks of the Coupe GT are
cooler...but I wouldn't ever sacrifice a quattro just for cooler looks. If
you have not yet lived with both at the same time, you might be in for a
surprise once you buy your 4ksq-it may look like a four door sedan, but it
will match anything a Coupe GT can on any road, and then exceed it with its
"unfair advantage" hands down. Then, with your affinity towards the Coupe GT
you will find yourself truly lusting for an ur-q (as do I). We seem to (I
hope politely!!!) disagree though as I bought my Coupe GT on a whim as a
cheap fun extra car. A "friend" wrecked it so I sold it to a shop owner buddy
to rebuild off the insurance total-I would never "give up" any of the 5
quattros I have owned for a fwd car of any kind (okay an A8 non-q ;-)  ).
Just my NSHO...

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq