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Hi, my name is Sydney, and I am a "Quatrohollic."  Let me start that I 
have been told by no more than 4 car guys never to buy a used Audi.  I 
think this may be because they have seen a few crappy ones not taken care 
of by a few idiots.  I think that you can make any car reliable.  I am 
afraid of electrical problems however, and terrified of being stranded 
because I travel long distances to and from school.  On top of this, I 
autocross, and street race (shh!) and drag race.  I really want a 5000 Turbo. 
Did someone say sleeper?  But here are my problems.  I don't have alot of 
money to patch and patch and patch, I really like to go fast....really 
fast,  I like my space in a car, and if anything were to break on the 
car, my father would just smile laugh and say, "I told you so!  Damn 
Audi!" with his southern draw.  
	My mom and dad have not been the same since that "60 Minutes" episode 
in the eighties that showed Audi's sommersaulting off of cliffs, running 
over little girls walking thier dogs, barreling through houses, and killing 
peoples grandmothers...etc.  You know the whole "Sudden Acceleration" 
Scam  I haven't been the same since the movie "E.T." where an old school 
5000 Turbo was used for a getaway vehicle.  I was about 5 years 
old at the time and asked my mom what kind of car that was.  She said 
"Audi", so I have been trying to get one ever since.  Besides the fact 
that now I sound like a ranting and raving lunatic (crazy enough for an 
Audi ;), can anyone tell me what to look for with a 5000 Turbo, and what 
mods I can do?  Are there any particular years to avoid.  I have been 
told that '85 is the slow year.  Thanks in advance for listening to my 
lunacy, and any help that I am sure to receive.

Seeking Audi help (no I don't need mental help...really!),

Sydney Witt  (second year mechanical engineering student)

1994 Subaru SVX (Devil With The Blue Dress On!)

1985 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo (usual question, "What the f@ck is in that thing!?"
 			   I answer, as clouds build overhead, wind starts		
 			   blowing and lightning touches down behind me, 
			   "Stock...HAA HA HA HA HA HA! (read demonic laugh)"