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Oil temp runs higher with my lights on

Yes, I finally figured out that I was getting an erroneous oil temp reading
when my lights were on.  I have the digital dash and the temp goes up 2-3
increments when the lights are on.  So, to make sure the engine runs
cooler, I just turn off my headlights at night while I'm on the highway :-).  

86 Coupe GT

At 03:07 PM 3/3/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I own 87 4q w/115k
>Problem is this, the volt/oiltemp bar lights by the diff selector
>switch work fine when there are no lights on. As soon as I turn
>on the head light switch either to the first or second position,
>the oil temp light goes balastic..Sometimes even reading off the
>scale...Anybody got a clue before I start replacing or forgetting about
>Some of these panels are sensitive to input voltage. I have a few of 
>these diff lock panels and on one there is a noticable jump in
>oil temp when the lights are turned on. I have replaced it with 
>another panel and this one doesn't have the problem. One time
>with a conversation with Ned Ritchey, he said that the oil temp
>display likes an input voltage of 10.5 volts. But you need to make
>sure that you only regulate the voltage to the oil temp LED and 
>not the voltage LED.

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