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s2 upgrades

folks i need your colective wisdom.

my s2 is coming up for the end of it's lease and my dealer is keen to upgrade me to an mtm 286hp a4q (new with full factory warranty), or a used rs2 which they've had sitting on the lot for 6 months and are desperate to move (read $20+K under list!).  both would cost me about the same. (ie. a large wedge)...

however, the s2 is a good car which would cost me not much to purchase outright, and so i was thinking that it would also be a good car to throw some at money to upgrade it.


1) would the rs2 turbo/exhaust combo fit?
2) what about the rs2 cams, are they available?
3) how much would rs2 turbo/exhaust/cams cost (usd)?
3) how would that change the driving characteristics of the car?
4) what would be the best way to improve the braking to be commenerserate with the hp?

i guess the other alternative would be a simple chip upgrade to the s2...

pros - performance, practicality, brakes, image
cons: - resale?, 'old' technology

mtm a4q:
pros - new car, new technology, performance, full factory warranty
cons: not an audisport car, what about the s4?

pros - cost, known car, performance upgrade potential
cons: brakes, age

any ideas out there?

'93 s2
'90 ur-q