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Re: Front End Mystery

I had a vibration at 55-60MPH on my CSTQ... turned out to be weared out 
tire-rod ends. There is was to check this...


On Mon, 3 Mar 1997, Jonathan Monetti wrote:

> Roger:
> Want to team up?  I have an 86 Coupe GT with some similar symptoms.  My vibration 
> started a week ago, but only when I was backing off the throttle. Now it is any time 
> about 55-60 MPH.  Brake pedal pulses back at me, but seems to stop after a moment. 
> I have a new LF bearing, and the RF checks out OK. All wheels balanced 3 weeks ago.
> One thought was bushings--perhaps the suspension geometry is changing due to play from 
> the worn bushings, and until load changes and the susp. sets up again, there is 
> vibration?  I dunno, I'm pretty stumped.  Love to hear any feedback on this subject.  
> Going to my mechanic tomorrow I hope, and will be looking into this. 
> >     I have a 1983 5KS with a problem tahhas baffeled me.  When first using
> >my car in the morning I get a strange vibration coming from the front end.
> > It feels like a very out of balance tire but occurs at very low speed
> >(20-30MPH). Upon breaking I get a pulsing throught the break pedal feeling
> >like ABS gone wild.  The problen sorts itself out after a few minutes and
> >repeated breaking.  This morning I took the wheel off, started the car and
> >put it in gear (Don't try this at home). All seems normal except for an
> >occasional clicking sound.  I would say CV joints , but the tell tale signs
> >are not there (no clicking going around corners), I'm think the wheel
> > bearing
> >might be shot but they were replaced jus a few thousand miles ago, and the
> >rotors do not appear warped.  I'm stumped, anybody out there have any
> >experience with somthing like this.
> >
> >Roger
> >83'5Ks (136,000 miles and still running strong except for this vibration
> > and
> >many other things which I will not go into now, But it still looks great)
> Jonathan Monetti
> 86 Coupe GT, 82k
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