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A4 Interior noises?

I'm about to take my '97 A4Q in for it's *first* service and am
wondering what sucessful strategies people have used to get the dealer
to fix hard-to-reproduce interior noises? 

I absolutely love the car but I've got one buzz and one 'clonk' that mar
an otherwise completely silent cabin.  The buzz seems to emanate from
the area around the front left fascia vent,  the 'clonk' seem to come
from near the left seat-belt tensioner area (inside the b-pillar).  Both
noises come and go, and I've yet to find any consistent pattern when the
noises occur, though I can sometimes induce the fascia 'buzz' by varying
the motor RPM while out of gear (at a light). 

Any suggestions on how to get the dealer to pursue an admittedly
hard-to-replicate problem?  I'd also be interested in hearing from other
A4 owners about what (unwanted) interior noise have developed in their

John Legelis