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english cars -Reply

** High Priority **

> Pot - meet kettle.  Kettle - meet pot.  Audi electrics are nothing special.
>> I worked with some Lucas people on alternator design (I made the
>> wire) during  the late 1960s and the products they were building 
>> were good.  The truth  is that Lucas equipment was as good as
>> anything else and better than most - but  still earned the reputation it
>> did.

Interesting, I have spent the last 6 years in the company of English and
German cars side by side and I still have a soft spot for most of the
English ones. 

I found the single most annoying point was the electricals. Granted I
never had much prob with alternators... just the rest of the system.
Generally the wiring was very sub-standard. I guess the majority of
components were Lucas and naturally the system became known as a
Lucas system.... when most probs were cheap wiring harnesses.
Have you ever seen a Jaguar wiring harness.... unbelievable.

'81 urQ 95K miles