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New A6 Info

Fellow Audians: One interesting technological tid-bit from the German 
Audi page regarding the new A6 -- 

"The well-proved 1.8 litre four-cylinder TDI is more sporty in 
character. It packs a 110 kW punch (150 bhp) and, like the petrol 
driven V6, profits from the advantages of the five valve mechanism: 
high power efficiency, smooth torque characteristic, low fuel 
consumption and exhaust emission. Its spectacular torque curve offers 
a constant of 210 Nm in an engine speed range of 1,750 to 4,600 rpm."

A five-valve per cylinder diesel that's making almost the same power 
as its 1.8 litre gas brother! I wonder if we will ever see one in the 
states? In an A4 Avant? I'd actually like to try it. I don't know why, 
but I've always had a certain fascination for diesels.