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Drilling holes in airbox

>>> "Meron" <phwomp@cosmoslink.net> 5/March/1997 05:32pm >>>

> 4.An air filter will just get plugged, but normally will not allow dirty
> air, just higher restriction (less power),

Thats if it filters well to start with.

> 6. The issue of restriction is not a big one on turbo engines, since the
> engine has a strong suction ability,

I don't agree. Any restriction will reduce hp. Just because we have a
super-charged intake doesn't mean we can't increase hp by reducing
flow restriction.

> 7. On a naturally aspirated engine the issue of flow is much more
> important since the engine has a lot less (than a turbo) suction power,

I would say equally important.

> 8. Some time an OEM has a poorly design air intake, in that case drilling
> holes, reversing the cover (ALA Chevy) or any other ways will result
> in additional air in, hence more power, a simple test is....

Poor design for outright hp perhaps, sometimes it's designed for fuel
efficiency as opposed to power. Certainly for some manufacturers cost
is the major concern and therefore good development is lacking. 

In addition to increasing flow by "drilling holes or whatever" some
investigation should perhaps be done on issues of ram-tuning.