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Re: That clay stuff

> >Meguiar's--they're in California and have an 800 number, which I don't
> >handy. Generic name for the stuff is overspray clay.
> Imparts has it on the on shelves right now give them a call.  It's Not 
> cheap though......

I have to add my $.02 on the Paint Cleaning Clay thread.  The stuff Griot's
Garage sells is simply fantastic.  If you haven't tried it, I would call
Griot's and order it up.  Every car I've bought in the past that has had
any oxidation has been a PITA to clean.  Once I bought this stuff and tried
it, all my hours of sweat in the past seemed like a big waste of time.  Now
I know that most of you probably like me, want your car looking it's best
most if not all of the time.  Like the guy said earlier, this makes your
paint _so_ smooth feeling you won't believe it!  And the work involved is
easier than any waxing you've ever done.

Though I live up here in the northwest and can drive to Griot's, I have no
association with them other than using their products, and the combination
they suggest in their catalog (Paint Cleaning Clay, Fine Hand Polish, and
Best of Show Wax) has transformed my last few cars from dull hunks of metal
to beautiful shiny cars.

I have heard the argument about price, and granted, to buy this stuff you
spend about $45 - $50.  But for the ease and beauty, I can't think of a
more reasonable "mod" for the cost!

Ron Bauer

BS Miata this year - some day my 911 will be done
1988 90q
1972 Porsche 911T