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Re: 'I think I need a psychiatrist' contest

In a message dated 3/5/97 1:12:06 AM, you wrote:

>1. Buy an underpriced used AUDI
>2. You "MAY" spend more in maintenance costs.
>3. Drive through an intersection where another "idiot" runs a red
>   light and t-bones you.
>4. Exit your AUDI via the driver side door which still opens, and 
>   kiss the hood of your now totalled AUDI.
>As far as I am concerned, the safety of AUDI vehicles easily
>makes up for any extra money spent on maintenance.  Even the
>older AUDIs are considerably safer than many of the new cars
>equipped with the newer safety devices.  One day, your ten
>year old AUDI may save you and/or your families life.  On that
>day, any extra money/time you spent on maintenance will seem trivial.

I've posted this experience before.

One night 4 years ago I'm driving my '81 Coupe (One of 252 in the country) to
Indy to teach at the race school, I stop in Terra Haute to do the Taco Smell
Drive thru, At the left turn to get into the Taco smell (Bruce you know the
one) I'm number four in the turn lane.  It's drizziling out so I give myself
at least 2 car lengths behind the Number 3 car "just in case".....  The "In
case" happened a moment later.  I see a flash of light in the rearview mirror
Ease up on the brake pedal so that the car can absorb some of the impact and
think to myself "Oh shit this is gonna hurt"  The car hit's me from the rear
shoves me to within 2 inches of the number 3 car, Breaks all the rubber
mounts in the car, cracks the windshield in half (I was wearing my
seatbelt... It wasn't my head) Destroys the exhaust system, breaks 4 bolts on
the exhaust manifold and jar's the front main seal loose... Loose enough that
I now loose a quart of oil every 200 miles.  The brand new Plymouth Acclaim
piloted by a 16 year that has only had his license 3 weeks and has never
driven in the rain is TOTALED.  Rad and Engine shoved 6" back into the
firewall, The airbag blew breaking the 16 year olds nose (Honest I didn't do
it...... Wanted too.) The passenger side of the dash has a head size dent in
it and both front seats were broken when they stopped the unbelted rear
passengers from exiting the car thru the windshield. 

I drove my car to Indy, Taught for 3 days and drove it home before getting it
repaired.  Did I thank my Coupe?  You Betcha!  Would I have been able to
continue in any other type of car?  I dunno but I certainly don't want to try
it.  You can have your Honda/Nissan/Toyota/etc.  I'm in Audi's for life

BTW My parts guy now drives that coupe and it has over 430,000 miles on it
and It's all original.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO