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Re: Cams

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Gary G. Erickson wrote:

> M Tipton wrote:
> > B. YES!  The 268/272/ and 276 will cause your car to fail the smog
> > check!(BTDT)
> > However it can be "tuned" to pass(barely) and then returned to put
> > back in the "fun factor".  That or switch cams each years!
> Care to share the details of this?  Since we've had a resurgence in
> interest in cams lateley, folks might want to know what would be
> involved.
> (Ok, OK!  I confess, I put a 272 in at Christmas and I need to pass
> emissions before the end of April.)
> If I need to switch cams, tell me now!
> Thanks,  ;-)
> Gary
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I met Eddy Delgado at PIR at a QCUSA event in 1995 and he was selling
Schrick knockoffs for $250.  He has a 4000Q with the a real Schrick.  He
had a machine shop copy the Schrick using O.E. German billets, so he says.
Give him a call.  I think this is a side deal, not a Wolfsport thing.  If
he asks say I mentioned it.  Nathan with the red 90Q.

Nathan Belo
'88 90Q