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BP merger with Mobil

In message <38331D33017C0D00@mail.madge.com> "Lyndon Camidge M&L-KB" writes:

> In Answer To Your Question Regarding Fuel Usage Etc I have a RR Engined
> 20V ur-q and I Currently Use Esso Super Unleaded as it's the ONLY garage
> within about 5 Miles of Me that even Sells Super Unleaded (at a Highly
> Inflated Price) and have never had any fuel related problems.

OK - but the RR engine is designed for unleaded fuel.  The MB engine
uses four-star leaded.

> A Quick Question how was this 2141 Error Code Actually Displayed ?

On an MB engine, via a fuse holder on top of the fuel pump relay and
the engine warning light.

On an RR engine, via a VAG 1551 Diagnostic Analyser.  "In an emergency",
says the book, you can use a jumper and diagnostic diode probe on the
connector in the footwell.  It's a long procedure, but I might translate
it sometime for general use.

 Phil Payne

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