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Re: 5k dash light relay?

You wrote: 
>electrical hints needed.
>Went to snow this weekend. Great day skiing. Got back in my 86 5kcst 
>noticed climate control display not on. All systems functioned. Later 
>turned on driving lights and no dash lights. Wasn't too dark so 
>on home. Got home and played with headlight switch, turning on and off 
>few times. Dash lights and climate control display came on fine. Tried 
>10 times in a row and worked fine. Waited a few minutes and tried 
>No dash lights. I can play with headlight control and dash lights will 

>come on. Is there a relay to look for. Sure sounds like it. Looked at 
>fuse panel where there are 5 relays but could not tell which one. Can 
>hear a definate click. Any help is appreciated.
>Rod Michaelson
>Walnut Creek, CA

I'm sure you have had many replies by now, but I'm finally getting to 
my email after several days.

There is a control unit, above the glove box, in turbo models.  The 
dash light dimmer on the dash is not a rheostat, but a potentiometer 
controlling this unit above the glove box.  Looks like they realized 
the non-turbo setup never lasted, but this setup seems to have its 
flaws also.  Remove the double-wide unit, and carefully unsnap it's 
cover.  There are 2 circuit boards inside, with a ribbon cable 
connecting them.  I had a cold solder joint where this cable connects 
to one of the boards.  Just re-solder all the joints and you should be 
back in business!

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA