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Re: Dave's Difficult Choice :)

     Problems, problems, problems....
     I'd keep the S2 and make many performance improvements. RS2 manifold, 
     RS2 turbo plus the ECU, maybe a custom exhaust, brakes, cams etc... 
     Contact Ned Ritchie, Hoppen or TAP in the US, relative to your list of 
     alternatives the pricing may even be quite attractive.
     The RS2, I like: rare, bit big for my tastes, great car for the 
     mistress or SO, I'd have to buy a couple of big dogs to ride in the 
     back if I bought an RS2.... I agree about the resale price, need to be 
     a true Audi freak to want to buy one.
     MTM A4q, again cool car, way too many clones - but then again if you 
     want to be noticed you've always got the ur-q :)
     If I were you I'd consider waiting until Audi do an S or RS vesion 
     (hopefully twin turbo) of the current A4. But I'm sure you know more 
     about what's in the pipe than most.
     Regards, Mike
     '83 ur-q
     '85 ur-q