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Re: Front cv-joint ABS rotor (88 90q)

On Mar 5,  9:27am, Barry Myers wrote:
> Subject: Front cv-joint ABS rotor (88 90q)
>      Greetings,
>      I've lost a couple teeth on one of my front ABS rotors.

	You really shouldn't be using your teeth to get the rotor
	off, you know :-) (Sorry, couldn't resist)
>      I've looked through my service manual and it looks like a new cv-
>      joint is in order. Does anyone on the list know if the rotor ring is
>      pressed on or whether it's part of the joint.

	No experience with your particular car, but I don't see how
	the rotor would have anything to do with the CV joint. If the
	joint is indeed bad, you may want to consider an entire rebuilt
	driveshaft.  It's a *lot* easier to replace.

	Hope that helps ..


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