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Re: New A6 Info; Part The Truth

At 22:43 03/04/97 -0800, gregsj@mail.imm.com wrote:
>Fellow Audians: One interesting technological tid-bit from the German 
>Audi page regarding the new A6 -- 
>"The well-proved 1.8 litre four-cylinder TDI is more sporty in 
>character. It packs a 110 kW punch (150 bhp) and, like the petrol 

        That infomation in the web is wrong. I think that engine is
      the original 1.8T as in the A3 and the A4, look at the max torque, that's
      the same as A4 1.8T .

        The new A6 already has 1.9 TDi, so no more diesel model (at this time).

        I remember that there was another wrong info on this web before
       ,but not remember what. Ah yeah, I find it, read the followings.
              "  You have the choice between
    three four-valve engines, the five-valve
    Turbo with 169 kW (230 bhp) and the
    eight-cylinder alloy motor with 4.2 liter "

                Read the number of valve of the S6 turbo engine.
        this is from " http://www.audi.de/mod/a6/e_a6titel.html "

                                                                Audi AG can
be wrong, don't worry.